BPI Cards
Want a hassle-free way to shop and spend across islands and continents? BPI Cards let you do just that - and more!
BPI Express Cash

With BPI Express Cash, delegating money and managing your budget is easier. Giving out allowances to your children, making sure your household help and your driver have enough money to buy groceries or load fuel is now easier and more efficient. Just transfer funds from your BPI Deposit Account to their BPI Express Cash card and they can now use the card as payment for food, groceries, medicine, fuel, etc. – anywhere where cards are accepted.  You can now reduce the possibility of going over your budget and have better control on their spending.


  • Use in MasterCard affiliated groceries, gasoline stations, supermarkets, and department stores nationwide.
  • Monitor your spending by viewing your last five (5) transactions via BPI ExpressOnline (enrollment required).
  • Load limit of P10,000
  • Valid for 2 years
  • Fast and easy reloading. Transfer funds from your BPI Deposit Account through various BPI electronic channels such as BPI ExpressOnline, BPI ExpressMobile, and BPI ATMs.
  • During emergencies, withdraw cash from almost 1,600 BPI ATMs nationwide.