BPI Cards
Want a hassle-free way to shop and spend across islands and continents? BPI Cards let you do just that - and more!

BPI Cardholders can shop the cashless way through Express Payment System (E.P.S.) --the debit facility of BPI that can be used in over 38,000 merchants nationwide.

Enjoy cashless shopping convenience with allĀ  of your BPI Express Teller Cards.


  • No additional fees. No Surcharge on shopping transactions.
  • PIN based shopping gives you the security for cashless shopping.
  • Real time debiting of transactions.
  • Balance Inquiry using over 1,900 BPI ATM
  • Use in all Express Net, Bancnet and Megalink affiliated establishments
  • Shop up to P100,000 a day at your favorite store.
  • Get rewarded when you use your BPI Express Teller Debit card. Get exclusive freebies and discounts at partner merchants
  • Choose from any of the following BPI Express Teller Cards: BET Blue, BET Gold, BET Jumpstart, BPInoy and BPI Direct