BPI Cards
Want a hassle-free way to shop and spend across islands and continents? BPI Cards lets you do just that - and more!

Annual Fee:

Free for Life

Annual Fee for 1st Supplementary:

Free for Life

Annual Fee for 2nd to 6th Supplementary:

Free for Life

Finance Charge:


BPI eCredit: The Internet Shopping Card



The first ever-virtual credit line designed for Internet Shopping! Shop online the confident and easy way with eCredit. Use BPI eCredit anytime you buy online, then settle your e-purchases conveniently with rest of your BPI MasterCard bills.


  • eCredit protects your credit line by assigning a lower credit limit and a different credit card number so you can shop online the secure way
  • FREE companion card to any BPI Express Credit MasterCard (upon request)
  • No Annual Fee