Balance Transfer Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. Existing BPI Express Credit cardholders (Classic, Blue MasterCard, Gold MasterCard, Petron-BPI MasterCard, BPI WorldPerks MasterCard, BPI SkyMiles MasterCard, BPI SkyMiles Platinum MasterCard, Edge MasterCard, BPI Amore Visa, and BPI Amore Visa Platinum) and BPI Family Credit cardholders of good credit standing are qualified to avail of BPI Express Balance Transfer (“Loan”) for a minimum loan amount of P3,000.

2. The Loan shall be subject to appropriate approval. BPI may perform additional verification for cardholders' security. BPI reserves the right to terminate processing of the Loan application and/or deny the same in the event that the cardholder fails to submit documentary requirements or it becomes aware of any misrepresentation or any circumstances which will disqualify the Cardholder from availing of the Loan.

3. The Loan amount granted shall be paid in equal and successive monthly installments, as indicated in the S.I.P. Loan Application Form, which shall commence on the Cardholder's next billing date until the Loan is fully paid.

4.  Existing Loan rates at the time of receipt of loan application will apply.

5.  In case of default or failure to pay on time, any installment or any outstanding balance set forth in the Cardholder's Statement of Account (SOA) or breach in any of the terms and conditions hereof, Cardholder agrees:

        5.1 That BPI shall have the right to suspend, cancel or refuse to renew the Card.

        5.2 That the Card outstanding balance including the Loan balance plus interest,      
               penalties, fees and charges (the "Total Outstanding Balance" or "TOB") shall  
              immediately become due and payable, without notice or demand.

        5.3 That failure to pay shall constitute an automatic default.

6. If for any reason, the Cardholder fails to renew the Card or the Card is not renewed by BPI, the Cardholder's TOB shall immediately become due and demandable.

7. Upon the occurrence of an event of default or any breach of the terms and conditions hereof, BPI is appointed and shall act as attorney-in-fact with full power and authority to do all acts and deeds in addition to and other than those as herein granted.  Cardholder hereby ratifies and confirms all acts and deeds as may be done or performed by BPI under this authority.

8. Loan availment via Straight charge will be subject to a 4% processing fee.

9. The Cardholder shall continue to pay his minimum amount due to his BPI Express Credit and non-BPI Express Credit card to avoid penalties and interests even if he has an existing or pending Loan application.

10. If the account number provided for crediting of proceeds is invalid or with name discrepancy, the Loan application will not be processed.

11. A single installment Loan transaction requires only one approval.  Splitting into smaller Loan transaction sizes and requiring multiple Loan transaction approvals will not be allowed.

12. If total Loan amount applied is more than the available credit limit, application will be processed and approved based on the available credit limit.

13. If Cardholder decides to pre-terminate his Loan application prior to the first billing, BPI will charge a pre-termination fee of P550 plus additional 2% interest on the Loan principal amount. If pre-termination is done after the first billing, monthly payment shall be applied to interest then to the Loan principal using the diminishing balance method plus a pre-termination fee of P550.

14. The terms and conditions governing the issuance of the BPI Express Credit, and the reminders and other provisions contained in the card carrier, statement of account, charge slips and other Card documents or instruments, which are made an integral part hereof by reference, shall likewise be resorted to in instances where they are applicable.



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