1. Eligible/Qualified BPI Credit Cards

   2. Cardholder

      Principal or supplementary cardholder of any qualified BPI Credit Card below 70 years old.

   3. Insured

      Principal or supplementary cardholder who purchased his travel fare using a qualified BPI Credit Card.

   4. Airline/Carrier

      Any form of air, water and land conveyance licensed for public transport carrying passengers with a fee/fare.

   5. Scheduled Trip

      A published scheduled flight/trip operated by an airline/carrier over a regular route between two destinations and the insured is travelling as a ticket-holding/fare-paying passenger.

   6. Trip Interruption

      Cancellation or delay of twelve (12) hours of a confirmed scheduled flight/trip initiated by the airline/carrier.

   7. Luggage

      Cardholder's checked-in luggage while on a scheduled trip.

   8. Permanent Disablement

      Total and permanent loss of use of the body members listed in the Permanent Disablement table of benefits.

   9. Personal Liability

      Bodily Injury or property damage to third party caused by Insured's negligence.

   10.  Robbery

      Forcible taking of another person's property.

   11. Burglary

      Felonious entry into or exit from the premises, by actual force and violence.

   12. Refreshment

      A light snack or drink.

   13. Accumulation Limit

      Maximum amount of coverage that the insurance will shoulder for every incident, regardless of the number of affected cardholders

For more details please contact BPI Express Phone at (02) 89-100 or 1-800-188-89100.


Updated as of March 2017.
Subject to changes without prior notice.


For any concerns, you may email us at or reach us by calling our hotline numbers at:
Metro Manila: (02) 89-100
Domestic Toll-Free No: 1-800-188-89100 (available for PLDT)
Mobile phone and International Access: 63 + 2 + 891-0000

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