What is BPI Express Start?

BPI Express Start is the fastest way to get a BPI Express Credit or BPI Family Bank Credit Card. No need to submit any income documents!

How to apply?

What are the acceptable types of deposits for Hold-Out*?

*Hold-out amount should be at least P10,000 for ATM-based and Passbook Savings;

P50,000 for Time Deposit 


How much is the credit limit?

Applicant may get a credit limit of up to 90% of his/her hold-out deposit amount.

To Illustrate: P10, 000 ATM Savings Account x 90% = P9, 000 credit card limit 


What are the requirements to apply for a credit card via BPI Express Start?

¨  Must be at least 18 years old

¨  Must have a business or residence contact number

¨  Completely filled out and signed Express Start Application Form*

¨  Completely filled out and signed Deed of Assignment*

*Available at any BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branch nationwide.



 A Non-Filipino Resident must submit his Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR), work permit or Embassy Accreditation Papers.


The Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the BPI Express Credit and/or BPI Family Bank Credit Card, whichever is applicable, applies to all credit cards issued

For any concerns, you may email us at help@bpi.com.ph or reach us by calling our hotline numbers at:
Metro Manila: (all areas with "02" area code) 889-10000
Domestic Toll-Free No: 1-800-188-89100 (available for PLDT)
Mobile phone and International Access: +632 889-10000

Bank of the Philippine Islands is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with email address consumeraffairs@bsp.gov.ph.

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