Card Fees


A Card with remaining value not claimed within One Hundred Twenty (120) days after its expiry date, shall be assessed a monthly maintenance fee* to be computed starting on the One Hundred Twenty First day (121st) after the expiry date and automatically deducted from the Card balance. Should the Card balance become zero as a result of the fees deducted, the Card shall likewise be closed. BPI reserves the right to impose additional fees as may be necessary in providing this service. It is hereby understood that redemption of balances from expired Cards shall be net of all applicable fees.

Anumang Card na may nalalabing balanse matapos ang Isang Daan at Dalawampung (120) araw pagkaraan ng expiry date ay maaaring mapatawan ng maintenance fee* kada buwan na sisingilin mula sa unang araw matapos ang Isang Daan at Dalawampung (120) araw. Ito ay agarang mababawas sa balanse ng Card. Anumang balanse na matitira matapos mabawasan ng service maintenance fee* ay ang halagang maaaring makuha ng Cardholder. Sa oras na maubos ang balanse ng Card ng service maintenance fee*, ang Card ay kaagarang isasara. Ang BPI ay may karapatan magpataw ng anumang fees para sa serbisyong ito.



All Prepaid Cards except for My ePrepaid, More Fun, BPI ePay Gift, BPI Express Cash, will be automatically charged a P99 periodic fee on the 3rd and 4th year.

Lahat ng Prepaid cards maliban sa My ePrepaid, More Fun, BPI ePay Gift, BPI Express Cash, ay mapapatawan ng  P99 periodic fee sa Ikatlo at Ikaapat na taon.


All charges including those incurred abroad through the use of the Card shall be billed and be payable in Philippine currency, subject to 1.00% fee on top of MasterCard/Visa’s foreign exchange rate on the date the transaction is posted.


Ang mga transactions maging gamit sa abroad ay maico-convert sa Philippine Pesos at maaaring mapatawan ng 1% fee, maliban pa ang fees mula sa MasterCard/Visa exchange rate nang araw na na-post ang transaction sa Card.

D. Card Renewal Fee
All Bpi ePay Gift cards are not renewable. Once the card expires, Cardholders may apply for a new card. Existing Card Fees apply: P200 for Branch applications in GMMA/Non GMMA, P150 for Applications via EOL - GMMA/Non GMMA\

Lahat ng BPI ePay Gift card ay hindi pwedeng i-renew. Pag nagexpire ang iyong card, pwedeng mag apply ng bagong BPI ePay gift card.  P200 para sa Branch applications sa GMMA/Non GMMA at P150 para Applications sa  EOL - GMMA/Non GMMA

Other BPI prepaid cards may be renewed after expiry. Existing Card Fees Apply: P200 for Amore Paywave, P250 for Amore Beep, P300 for BPI ePay Mastercard. Prices are applicable for GMMA and Non GMMA areas.

Ang ibang mga prepaid cards ay maaaring i-renew.

For any concerns, you may email us at or reach us by calling our hotline numbers at:
Metro Manila: (02) 89-100
Domestic Toll-Free No: 1-800-188-89100 (available for PLDT)
Mobile phone and International Access: 63 + 2 + 891-0000

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