1. The Promo is open to all Principal Cardholders of the following BPI Mastercard Credit Cards which are active and in good credit standing, have available credit limit, have valid and updated mobile number and/or email address in BPI Credit Cards’ system record:

Blue Mastercard, eCredit Mastercard, Edge Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, Petron-BPI Mastercard, SkyMiles Mastercard, SkyMiles Platinum Mastercard, BPI Family Credit Card

2. For a minimum accumulated spend of P25,000 on straight transactions (in-store and online) within the promo period, qualified cardholders who meet the minimum accumulated spend requirement will be eligible to receive a 4% cash back equivalent to P1,000 upon fulfillment of the redemption process as indicated in the Redemption Mechanics section below.

3. Spend period is from June 10, 2020 to August 10, 2020.

4. Redemption Period is from July 1, 2020 to October 10, 2020. Only redemption requests made from July 1 to October 10, 2020 will be accepted. All redemption attempts outside of the redemption period will not be validated.

5. Crediting of the cash back will be within 60 banking days after the redemption request was made.

6. To qualify for the promo, the Principal Cardholder must meet the following requirements:

a. The Principal Cardholder MUST use any of the qualified BPI Mastercard Credit Card for a minimum accumulated spend of P25,000 on straight transactions within the spend period.

b. Upon reaching the minimum accumulated spend requirement, eligible Principal Cardholder must redeem his cash back through SMS and/or email from July 1 to October 10, 2020. Refer to the Redemption Mechanics for full details.

7. The cash back value to be credited to a qualified cardholder is equivalent P1,000.

8. Multiple BPI Credit Cards sharing the same customer number will be considered as one unique customer. Qualified purchases earned across different BPI Credit Cards having the same Customer Number, will be computed as one and is only entitled to redeem once.

9. Eligible Principal Cardholder holding a BPI Credit Card and BPI Family Credit Card will need to meet the minimum accumulated spend requirement separately for each card. The qualified purchases will not be consolidated in computing the minimum accumulated spend requirement, therefore, the cardholder must redeem separately for each of the two cards.

10. All qualified and posted transactions of the Principal Cardholder, including his Supplementary Cardholder(s), will be included in the computation of the minimum accumulated spend requirement. The cash back will only be credited to the BPI Credit Card of the Principal Cardholder.

11. The cash back will be credited to the BPI Credit Card of the Principal Cardholder that is deemed by the bank as most active at the time of crediting.

12. The following transactions are qualified to be included in the computation of the minimum accumulated spend requirement:

Local Retail Transactions (Straight only)

Foreign Currency Purchases (Straight only)

Auto Charge

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)

Online or Internet Transactions


13. The following transactions are excluded from this promo:

Cash advances (local or international)

Transactions from stock trading, foreign exchange trading, financial trading services, remittance and the like; mobile payment/mobile wallet transactions and online payment system (such as but not limited to GrabPay, GCash, PayMaya, PayPal,, and the like)

Transactions from casino/gambling, money transfers, quasi cash financial institution, political organizations and bail & bond payment

Business transactions such as but not limited to (i) direct or multi-level marketing, as well as from merchants specifically engaged in wholesale and distribution (ii) payment services and (iii) professional services.

Redemptions of rebates or Real Thrill Rewards

Any Installment transaction whether merchant-based or via  Balance Transfer, Credit-to-Cash, other Non-Retail SIP Loan products

14. BPI reserves the right to reverse the cash back credited in the event the transaction is disputed or cancelled at a later date.


REMINDER: To proceed with the redemption, BPI will only ask for the last 10 digits of your Customer Number. BPI will never ask for your card number, expiry date, CVV, & One-time Pin via links in email, SMS, or phone calls. 


Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB. 06340, Series of 2020.


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