Minimum Conversion: 8,000 Real Thrills Rewards Points = 1,000 Go Rewards

Code: 411016


Rewards points can be redeemed anytime

1. Call the 24-hour BPI Contact Center at ‎(+632) 889-10000

2. Email your request to

3. Filing your request with your Relationship Manager or branch of account


1. Enrollment in Go Rewards program is required prior to redemption and conversion of rewards points to Go Rewards.  For non-members, cardholders should enroll via

2. A minimum of 8,000 Rewards Points should be exchanged for 1,000 Go Rewards every time a redemption is made.  

3. Rewards points can only be converted to the equivalent Go Rewards for credit to the Principal or nominated supplementary cardholder’s enrolled Go Rewards membership account. 

4. The conversion of Rewards Points to Go Rewards will be credited to the specified Go Rewards membership account within (15) banking days from receipt of valid request.

5. Once a valid redemption of Go Rewards has been made, it cannot be cancelled, revoked, changed or transferred back to Rewards Points, under any circumstances.

6. BPI’s Travel Insurance for BPI Credit Blue MasterCard and Gold MasterCard will not apply to flights taken with the tickets issued under the Go Rewards program.

7. Cardholders are subject to and must comply with the terms and conditions of the Go Rewards program.

8. The participation of Go Rewards in this program is subject to change, at any time without prior notice.