P500 Abenson eGift

Item code: 211011

Points Required: 9,000 RTR points


Program Mechanics

1. The program is open to all BPI Credit Cardholders (with any of the following BPI Credit Cards qualified to earn Real Thrills Rewards points):

2. Upon redemption request, cardholder must provide the following:

3.Redemption of points can be made anytime by doing any of the following:

                      BPIREDEEM [space] [Last 10 digits of customer number] [space] [Item Code] [space] [Quantity]

                      Sample: BPIREDEEM 1234567890 512002 2



1. Subject to extension on account of force majeure or such other events beyond the reasonable control of BPI, gift certificates in the form of electronic vouchers with assigned eGift code will be delivered to the Principal cardholder's latest email address on record and/or mobile number, within seven (7) working days from receipt of a valid redemption request.

 2. An eGift code may be assigned to any person at the Principal cardholder's discretion but may be used only once. Forwarding the electronic voucher via email or SMS, or such other means, would signify that the Principal cardholder has assigned his/her eGift code to the recipient. One who has possession of the eGift code shall be deemed to be the Principal cardholder or his/her authorized assignee.

3. The Principal cardholder, or his or her assignee as in the case of forwarded electronic vouchers, must provide the eGift code to the manager at the participating store for validation. The code may be relayed verbally, from a mobile phone, or in a printout. The store manager may ask the recipient to present a valid ID for recordkeeping purposes.

*Note: The BPI cardholders’ email address and mobile number provided must be the same as the information registered in BPI Credit Cards’ customer records. If the email address and mobile number do not match with BPI Credit Cards’ records, the cardholder will be required to update his or her contact information through any of the following channels:


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