Smile Train provides 100%-free cleft surgeries to children in need around the world, including the Philippines. Donate today to help us create a better future, one smile at a time!
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P100 Smile Train donation

Item code: 111035

Points Required: 1,200 RTR points

BPI will be responsible for handing over the donations to the cardholder’s chosen charitable institution. As a confirmation of the donation, the cardholder will receive an acknowledgement from the chosen charitable institution.

Redemption will be processed within 7 to 15 banking days from receipt of a valid request.

Redemption of points can be made anytime by doing any of the following:

                   1. Calling our Customer Service;

                   2. Emailing redemption requests to

                   3. Coordinating with the Relationship Manager or branch of account.

                   4. Sending an SMS request to 225689 with your BPI-registered mobile number in this format:
                       BPIREDEEM [space] [Last 10 digits of customer number] [space] [Item Code] [space] [Quantity]

                       Sample: BPIREDEEM 1234567890 512002 2