Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ


I. About My ePrepaid Cards


a. Security Features

b. What are My ePrepaid Cards?

My ePrepaid Cards are reloadable MasterCard® prepaid cards issued by BPI that can be used to pay for online purchases as well as purchases from shops and restaurants here and abroad.

Purchases using your My ePrepaid MasterCard® does not require any PIN. When paying inside stores or restaurants, just present your card and sign the sales slip.

c. When will my card expire?

Your card will expire two (2) years from the day you purchased your card. The card is valid until the date (mm/yy) printed on the card below the text “Valid Thru”.

d. Does the card have a required maintaining balance?

No. Since My ePrepaid is not a deposit account, it does not require a maintaining balance.

e. If there is money left in my card, will it earn interest?

No, because My ePrepaid is a prepaid card and not a deposit account.

f. Is this a credit card?

No. My ePrepaid is a reloadable prepaid card, so you have to load the card with money before you can use it to make purchases. But similar with a credit card, it can be used in all stores – online, in the Philippines and abroad, wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

g. How do I check my card balance?

You can send a text message (SMS) or dial 89-100 (+63-2-89-10000 for international calls) and follow the voice prompt.

See Balance Inquiry page for complete instructions

h. Can I check my balance using a BPI ATM?

No. Your My ePrepaid Card cannot be used at ATMs.

i. Do you issue monthly statements?

No. However, if your My ePrepaid Card

is enrolled to your BPI Express Online Account, you can view up to the last five (5) card transactions in your EOL/ BPI Express Online account by following these steps:

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click the details button on the right-most portion, beside your My ePrepaid Card number.
  3. Select "View my last five (5) transactions"

j. How do I enroll my card in EOL?

1. To be able to transfer funds to your card, follow these steps:

2. To be able to view your card number in your Portfolio and see your last five (5) card transactions, here are the steps:

k. I don’t have an EOL account, how else can I view my card transactions?

  1. Dial 89-100
  2. Press 4 for Express Cash
  3. Press 1 for Balance Inquiry
  4. Key-in your 16-digit My ePrepaid Card number
  5. Press 2 for Last Card Transactions


II. Card Application

a. How can I get a My ePrepaid MasterCard®?

You can get a My ePrepaid MasterCard® by filling out a BPI Prepaid Card Application online at and To apply now, click here.

You can also fill out an Application form at any BPI branch or BPI Express Banking Center nationwide.

b. Can I apply for a card for someone else?

Yes, since the card may be claimed by the purchaser (person who applied for the card) or by the cardholder (person whose name is printed on the card).

c. What do I need to apply for a card?

You will need an accomplished BPI Prepaid Card Purchase Agreement form, payment for the Application Fee and one (1) valid ID for card claiming.

d. How old do I need to be to get a card?

People who are 10 years old and above can apply for a My ePrepaid Card.

e. How long does it take to receive a card?

The card will be available for pick-up in your nominated branch in GMMA five (5) banking days after submission of card application.

For nominated branches outside GMMA, Visayas or Mindanao, the card will be available for pick-up seven (7) banking days after submission of card application.

GMMA consists of NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga and Rizal.


III. Loading and Reloading

a. How do I load money to my card?

1. I have a BPI/ BPI Family Bank deposit account.

    You can easily transfer funds at your most convenient time from your BPI Account to your My ePrepaid MasterCard® through the following BPI

    electronic channels. Service fees may apply:

  1. BPI Express Online (your My ePrepaid Card must be enrolled in your Express Online Account)
  2. BPI ATMs
  3. BPI EDMs/ Express Deposit Machines
  4. BPI Express Mobile (Menu-based or Mobile App)
  5. BPI Express Phone 89-100

2. I don’t have a BPI/ BPI Family Bank deposit account.

   You can still conveniently load your My ePrepaid MasterCard® using the following channels at your most convenient time. Service fees may apply:

  1. BPI ATMs (Payment Enclosed using a deposit envelope)
  2. BPI EDMs/ Express Deposit Machines (Express Deposit)

You can also visit any BPI/BPI Family Savings Bank branch and reload your card through Over-The-Counter deposit.

    See How to Load your My ePrepaid Card  for complete loading instructions.

b. How do I enroll my card in BPI Express Online or BPI Express Mobile?

For the instructions on how to enroll your card, please see My ePrepaid and BPI electronic channels page.

c. I don’t have an Express Online/ Express Mobile Account, how do I sign-up?

To sign-up in BPI Express Online, click here.

To sign-up in BPI Express Mobile, click here.


IV.  Card Usage

a. Where can I use my card?

You can use your card wherever MasterCard® is accepted:

b. How do I use it to pay online?

Use it like how you use a credit card for online payments:

1. Select MasterCard Credit Card as mode of payment

2. Input the following card details:

3. Confirm the transaction.

c. What is a CVC/ CVC2?

The CVC or Card Verification Code is a 3-digit code that can be seen at the back of your BPI My ePrepaid Card, at theupper-right corner of the signature panel.

d. Can I use My ePrepaid in PayPal?

Yes. You can link your My ePrepaid Card to your PayPal.

e. Can I withdraw my funds from PayPal by transferring funds to my card?

No. You can only use your My ePrepaid Card to fund your PayPal account for purchases, but not to withdraw PayPal funds.

f. How do I link my card to my PayPal account?

When linking your My ePrepaid MasterCard to PayPal, please make sure your card has at least Php 150 load. PayPal charges $1 to link your card to your PayPal account, and Php 100 when you confirm your card. After successfully confirming your card, PayPal will return the Php 100 to your PayPal account in the form of PayPal credits.

Steps in linking your card to PayPal:

  1. Sign-up/ Log-in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile
  3. Select Add/Edit Credit Card
  4. Select MasterCard as card type
  5. Enter your My ePrepaid MasterCard details
  6. Click Add Card
  7. Your My ePrepaid Card is now viewable in your PayPal Profile. To finalize linking of your card to Paypal, click Confirm My Card to allow PayPal to send a 4-digit verification code you need.

To retrieve your 4-digit PayPal verification code, please view your Last five (5) card transaction history via BPI Express Online (Card must be enrolled and viewable in your BPI Express Online account’s My Portfolio Page) or by sending your request with your 16-digit My ePrepaid Card Number via email to or call 89-100.

g. Can I use my card to purchase at iTunes?

Yes. You may purchase apps in iTunes using your My ePrepaid Card.

h. I used my card but my transaction was declined, what do I do?

For concerns regarding My ePrepaid card transactions, please dial 89-100 and any of our phonebankers will be happy to assist. We recommend that you always make sure your card has sufficient load prior to making purchases and verify that all card details and personal information you encoded online is correct before you finalize your online purchases to prevent getting declined transactions.

i. How do I use it to pay in shops, and any other store?

  1. Present your My ePrepaid Card to the cashier.
  2. Sign the sales slip.

j. Can I withdraw cash from my My ePrepaid Card at ATMs?

No. My ePrepaid Cards cannot be used at ATMs.

k. Can I withdraw over-the-counter at a BPI/ BPI Family Savings Bank branch?

No. My ePrepaid does not have withdrawal functionality.

l. Is there a charge everytime I use my card?

BPI does not charge additional fees when you use your My ePrepaid card for purchases. All additional fees such as registration fees and surcharges dependent on the merchant’s policy.

See Card Fees and Charges page for the complete list of fees and charges.


V.    Lost/ stolen and expired cards

a. I lost my card, what do I do?

Dial 89-100 (+63-2-89-10000 if abroad) and press 5 to report the card as lost/ stolen, so that the card can immediately be blocked.

This is to make sure that your card can’t be used by anyone else.

b. The card I lost still has load in it, can I get my money back?

Yes. However, any purchase transactions using lost cards on dates before the card was reported as lost/ stolen will be considered as transactions done by the cardholder and will not be reimbursed.

c. How can I get my money back?

You can request for a replacement card, where your unused load will be transferred to. To request for card replacement, dial 89-100 (+63-2-89-1000 if abroad), press 4 for Express Cash and request for a replacement card from any of our phonebankers, subject to card replacement fee.

See Card Fees and Charges page for the complete list of fees and charges.

d. What if I don’t want to get my card replaced, how do I get my money back?

To get your reimbursement, you may request for a Manager’s Check or have your card balance transferred to your BPI deposit account, subject to service charges. Your unused load will be reimbursed Ninety (90) days after you reported your card as lost.

See Card Fees and Charges page for the complete list of fees and charges.

e. What if I lose my card while I’m traveling abroad, who do I contact?

Dial our international hotline +63-2-89-10000 to talk to any of our phonebankers.

f. My card expired but it still has load in it, can I get my money back?

Yes. You may request for a replacement card where the remaining load from your expired card may be transferred. Cards that are expired for more than One hundred - Twenty (120) days are subject to monthly maintenance fee.

g. I want to have my card replaced but I want to have the same card number as my previous card, what can I do?

For security reasons lost/ stolen cards cannot be renewed. Instead, you can request for a replacement card that will have a new card number.

If your card expired and you want to retain your card number, you can request to have your card renewed, this will make sure that you will have the same card number as your previous card.


For inquiries and comments, please send us a message through or call our 24-hour BPI Contact Center at (+632) 889-10000.

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