Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is my transaction considered as a “new purchase”?

New purchase is your transaction made after your statement date billing cut-off.

2. What is the difference between Statement Date and Payment Due Date indicated in my credit card statement?

Your statement date represents the billing statement cut-off wherein new purchases and outstanding balance (if any) from the previous month are reflected within the billing period.  You may choose to pay the total statement balance or minimum due required on or before the due date or payment deadline. 

3. What do you mean by “NO interest on new purchases?”

BPI Express Credit lets you enjoy a month’s free interest on your new transactions.  Unlike other credit cards, BPI Express Credit charges NO INTEREST on purchases made after your statement date even if you partially pay your previous month’s balance. To illustrate:


Interest Rate BPI Credit Card New

4. I have a BPI Family Bank Credit Card, do I also enjoy no interest on my new purchase?

No, BUT you enjoy the lowest interest/ finance charge of 2% versus other banks.  The “no interest on new purchase” only applies to BPI Express Credit cards; namely:


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