1. THE BPI EXPRESS CREDIT CARD/BPI CREDIT CARD (“CARD”) – The CARD is the sole property of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). It is issued for the personal use of the Cardholder and is non-transferable. The privileges of the CARD may be terminated by BPI at any time and for whatever reason or cause without need of prior notice to Cardholder. The Cardholder agrees to perforate his/her CARD upon termination of the CARD. Continued use of the CARD after receipt of the written notice of termination shall be deemed fraudulent and will subject the Cardholder to appropriate legal proceedings. Delivery of the said written notice at the Cardholder’s latest reported mailing address shall be considered sufficient receipt of the notice of termination. The issuance of the CARD shall not create any other obligations on the part of BPI other
than those expressly stated herein.

The term "Cardholder" shall refer to the person to whom or for whose use a CARD is issued by BPI. It shall likewise include the person to whom a Supplementary Card is issued upon the application of the Cardholder (the “Supplementary”).

2. RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CARDHOLDER – The Cardholder, Supplementary, and surety(ies) shall be jointly and severally liable for all purchases and cash advances made through the use of the CARD, including all interests, penalties, fees, and all other charges without the necessity of proof of signed charge slips. If the Cardholder avails of the cash advance feature at any BPI Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and/or authorized network, he/she agrees to accept and pay for all cash advances including the corresponding interests, penalties, fees, and other charges without the necessity of proof or ATM withdrawal/transaction record. Subject to the provisions of Section 5 (Loss of the Card), 7 (Statement of Account)* and 10 (Customer Service)** hereof, BPI shall not be liable for any fraudulent or unauthorized use of the CARD including that which is caused or occasioned by receipt of the CARD by the Cardholder's authorized representative or an adult receiving the CARD at the place of residence of the Cardholder. The Cardholder agrees that all purchases and cash advances made using the CARD are conclusively presumed to have been personally made or authorized by the Cardholder.

3. EXPIRY, RENEWAL AND REINSTATEMENT OF THE CARD – Unless earlier terminated by BPI, or voluntarily cancelled by the Cardholder, the CARD shall be valid from date of issuance or renewal and expires on the last day of the month indicated on the face of the CARD. Renewal of the CARD shall be at the option of BPI. BPI shall likewise have the option of reinstating Cardholder’s privileges which have been terminated for any reason whatsoever upon payment of an additional processing fee equivalent to the annual fee.

4. ACCREDITED ESTABLISHMENTS – BPI has contracted with establishments to honor the CARD for purchases of food, goods, merchandise, and services. Likewise, BPI has entered into an agreement with Mastercard/Visa where the CARD issued bearing the Mastercard/Visa label shall be honored at all Mastercard/Visa accredited establishments worldwide. Notwithstanding the preceding, however, BPI shall not be responsible/liable to the Cardholder, if, for any reason, the CARD is not honored by the accredited
establishments or Mastercard/Visa. Cardholder should always carry an alternative payment method and not solely rely on the CARD to process payment of goods and/or services.

Cardholder's liability to BPI is absolute. The existence of any claim or dispute between Cardholder and any accredited establishment shall not affect Cardholder’s obligation to pay the purchases, availments, and cash advances together with all interests, penalties, fees, and other charges incurred thereon, if any, arising from the Cardholder’s use of the CARD (the “Total Outstanding Balance” or “TOB”). In cases of return of goods, tickets, and services obtained through the use of the CARD where the merchant permits such return, the Cardholder agrees that (i) the refund shall not be in cash; and (ii) BPI shall credit the Cardholder’s account for the refund.

5. LOSS OF THE CARD – It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to safeguard the CARD at all times against loss, theft, fraudulent or unauthorized use. In case of loss or theft of the CARD, Cardholder agrees to promptly report such fact to BPI by calling (02) 89-100 for Metro Manila, domestic toll free at 1-800-188-89100 (available to PLDT subscribers), 63+2+89-10000 for mobile phone and international access or its toll free numbers in selected countries listed at www.bpi.com.ph (the “BPI Phonebanking”), giving details of the place, date, time, and circumstances of the incident and the last purchase(s) made prior to the loss or theft of the CARD. Any availment/transaction made or incurred prior to reporting to BPI of such loss or theft of the CARD shall be for the sole account of the Cardholder. Prior to receipt of such report by BPI Phonebanking,
Cardholder expressly agrees to be held liable for all purchases, cash advances, and charges made or incurred from the use of the lost or stolen CARD even if said transactions were incurred without the knowledge or authority of the Cardholder. BPI and its merchant partners shall be rendered free and harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, damages, and costs arising from the fraudulent or unauthorized use of the CARD. A reasonable fee shall be charged by BPI for replacement of the lost or stolen CARD.

6. CREDIT LIMIT – Upon acceptance of Cardholder’s application, BPI, at its sole discretion, shall grant a credit limit to the Cardholder expressed in local currency (Philippine Pesos) which is the maximum amount available for use. The total credit limit, which can be used for regular purchases and Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.), represents the maximum outstanding balance that a Cardholder and Supplementary are allowed to share at any given time subject to the security requirements and credit card management requisites which may be reasonably imposed by BPI from time to time (the “Credit Limit”). Except in case of temporary increase in limit granted on promotional basis, in no event shall the Cardholder and Supplementary exceed the Credit Limit. In case the Credit Limit shall be exceeded, BPI reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to allow or decline any further transactions or to suspend and/or terminate the credit card privileges of the Cardholder and Supplementary, without prior notice. In any such events, the Cardholder agrees to pay in full the TOB, which shall immediately become due and payable, without the necessity of notice and demand, all of which are waived by the Cardholder and Supplementary. The Credit Limit shall be made available to the Cardholder and Supplementary on the next business day following payment.

BPI may, at its sole option and at any time, change the Credit Limit of the Cardholder to an amount which it deems appropriate based on its credit assessment, guidelines, policies, and procedures, as the same may be amended from time to time. The Cardholder shall be duly notified of such changes to the Credit Limit.

7. STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT – The Cardholder shall be issued a Statement of Account (SOA) every month containing a summary of all his/her credit card transactions, fees, and charges. At BPI’s option, the SOA may be sent via mail or courier, posting on BPI Online Banking, email to Cardholder’s registered email address or such other means of delivery which BPI considers appropriate and effective.

a) Paper Statement of Account – The SOA shall be delivered to the Cardholder via mail to his/her registered billing address.
b) Electronic Statement of Account (eSOA) - In lieu of receiving a printed copy of the SOA via mail or courier, Cardholder may choose to enroll his/her CARD account in BPI Online Banking and view the SOAs electronically through this facility (the "eSOA”). It is understood and agreed that when the eSOA is made available for viewing, it shall be conclusively deemed received by the Cardholder.
c) Emailed Statement of Account (eStatement) – BPI may also send the SOA via email which will be sent electronically to Cardholder’s email address registered with BPI (the “eStatement”). The Cardholder may also choose to enroll to the eStatement (if available). It is understood and agreed that when the eStatement is sent to the Cardholder, it shall be conclusively deemed received by the Cardholder.

The Cardholder and Supplementary recognize and acknowledge the integrity of the SOA as an electronic document pursuant to the provisions of the Electronic Commerce Act and agree to pay the amount thereon on Payment Due Date without need for presentation of the signed charge slips. It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to update his/her contact information when necessary; otherwise, whatever registered contact information appearing in the records of BPI will remain valid and binding on the Cardholder. Notwithstanding the absence or lack of proof of service of the SOA upon the Cardholder, or failure by the Cardholder to view the SOA after statement cut-off date, the latter agrees to pay any and all statement balances on or before the Payment Due Date. In case the Cardholder does not receive the SOA, it is the Cardholder’s responsibility to
inform BPI of the non-receipt of the SOA and to inquire about the amount due arising from the use of the CARD and the Payment Due Date, by calling BPI Phonebanking.

a. MEMBERSHIP FEES – The Cardholder shall pay to BPI a membership fee, payable either monthly, annually or otherwise depending on the CARD type, in such amounts as may be fixed by BPI, to entitle him/her to the privileges of membership and the use of the CARD. Upon suspension or cancellation of the CARD privileges, all fees paid become non-reimbursable.
b. FINANCE CHARGES – Finance charge on regular purchases, fees, and interest charges is based on the aggregated total of the daily interest for each day (360 days annually) of the statement period. The daily interest is computed by multiplying the unpaid total amount due with the factor rate. To compute for the finance charge:

i. Divide the annual interest rate by 360 days to get the factor rate. Annual interest rate is derived by multiplying the monthly finance charge rate by 12 months.
ii. Multiply the unpaid total amount due by the factor rate to get the daily interest
iii. Accrue the daily interest starting from the day after the previous statement date up to the current statement date.

The applicable finance charge rates are subject to change by BPI from time to time with notice to the Cardholder.

c. SPECIAL INSTALLMENT PLAN (S.I.P.) – Interest charges on Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.) is computed by multiplying the total amount availed by the applicable interest rate, depending on the term. Monthly payment shall first be applied to interest then to the principal using the diminishing balance method.

d. PAYMENT OF CHARGES – Cardholder agrees to pay the TOB or at least the Minimum Amount Due as stated in the SOA on or before the last day for payment indicated in the said SOA (the "Payment Due Date"). If the Payment Due Date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a regular national holiday, the Payment Due Date shall be moved to the next business day. The Payment Due Date may be changed (i) to an earlier date if the Cardholder's account is considered overdue and/or with balances in excess of the Credit Limit, or (ii) to such other date as may be deemed proper by BPI with notice to the Cardholder on the same monthly SOA. Paying less than the TOB will increase the amount of interest the Cardholder pays and the time it takes to repay the balance. Further, failure to pay the TOB indicated in the monthly SOA shall result in imposition of finance charges, additional interest, and penalty fees based on the amount due for every month of delay, a fraction of a month being considered as one month. Any CARD with TOB or outstanding amounts due that are unpaid after thirty (30) calendar days from statement date shall automatically be suspended, and those with accounts unpaid after ninety (90) calendar days from statement date shall automatically be cancelled, without prejudice to BPI’s right to suspend or cancel the CARD any time and for whatever reason. Any overpayment by Cardholder shall not earn interest and shall be applied to payment of the succeeding TOB or Minimum Amount Due. In case of terminated or
cancelled CARD accounts and an overpayment is unclaimed for more than one (1) month from the date of termination or cancellation, a monthly Account Maintenance Fee as stated in the Table of Fees, shall be charged on the account until the CARD balance is zeroed out. The rate of interest and/or penalty rate stipulated may be increased, decreased or otherwise changed from time to time by BPI in the event of, among others, changes (for whatever reason) in the interest rates prescribed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) or in the international capital markets, in the rediscount rate of member banks with the BSP, in the interest rates on savings or time deposits or on
bank’s borrowings, or in the market rates; or any law, circular, rule or regulation is enacted/issued, or any circumstance has occurred, which has the effect of increasing or decreasing BPI’s costs of funds, operating costs or intermediation costs, such as but not limited to reserve requirements, taxes, salaries or charges. The Cardholder further authorizes BPI to increase or charge additional service fees as it may deem necessary or advisable under the circumstances to maintain the service to the Cardholder. The
upward or downward adjustment of the interest, penalty rate, and/or service fees shall be binding on the Cardholder on the date/s of effectivity as indicated in the notice from BPI.

Failure of the Cardholder to pay the TOB or at least the Minimum Amount Due on the relevant Payment Due Date stated in the SOA, or failure of the Cardholder to pay any other obligations (including interests, charges, taxes, such as but not limited to Value Added Tax (VAT) and other disbursements allowed by law) which the Cardholder may now or hereafter owe to BPI or to any member of the BPI Group of Companies, whether singly or jointly with another, or as principal or as surety/guarantor, shall render
Cardholder in default under these Terms and Conditions, without necessity of demand from BPI which the Cardholder expressly waives. In case of default in his/her obligation as provided herein, the Cardholder agrees to perforate his/her CARD and to pay, in addition to the interest and penalty charges aforementioned, the following additional charges, without prejudice, however, to BPI’s other rights and remedies: (a) attorney’s fees of twenty five percent (25%) of the amount due if the account is referred to a
lawyer or to a collection agency, (b) a service fee for every dishonored check issued by the Cardholder in payment of his/her account, (c) liquidated damages equivalent to twenty five percent (25%) of the unpaid amount, plus litigation expenses and judicial costs, if the payment of the account is enforced through court action, and (d) costs for demanding payment or advising cancellation of membership.

e. CASH ADVANCE FEE – Each Cash Advance is subject to a cash advance fee per transaction/availment. It can be availed at any BPI branch or BPI ATMs nationwide and through the Cirrus (for Mastercard credit cards) and Visa/Plus (for Visa credit cards) networks worldwide. Cash Advance shall be earmarked against the Cardholder’s Credit Limit and is not an additional line of credit. To avail of Cash Advance via ATM, the Cardholder and/or Supplementary must have a Cash Advance PIN (CAPIN). A CAPIN may be
provided to each of the Cardholder and/or Supplementary which upon receipt, must immediately be changed by the Cardholder and/or Supplementary. If the Cardholder and/or Supplementary is not provided with a CAPIN, the Cardholder and/or Supplementary may visit selected BPI branches or call BPI Phonebanking, to request for his/her CAPIN. The Cardholder and/or Supplementary must not disclose his/her CAPIN to any person or compromise its confidentiality under any circumstance.

f. ISSUER’S SERVICE FEE ON FOREIGN CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS – All charges including those incurred abroad through the use of the CARD shall be billed and be payable in Philippine currency, subject to a foreign conversion fee on top of Mastercard/Visa’s foreign exchange rate on the date the transaction is posted.

g. EXPRESS START CANCELLATION FEE – Cancellation fees shall apply on accounts acquired through the Express Start route – that is, cards under deposit hold out. A non-waivable cancellation fee shall apply if the Cardholder cancels all his/her BPI Credit Card(s), except if cancellation is due to non-delivery of such BPI Credit Card(s), before the first anniversary date of the first-issued BPI Credit Card.

h. OTHER FEES – Charge slip retrieval fee, card replacement fees, check protect fee, Special Installment Plan (S.I.P.) pre-termination fees, statement of account copy, and other fees are charged to the Cardholder’s account, when applicable. All fees shall be charged per CARD per occurrence or request, unless otherwise stated.

i. TABLE OF FEES – For the complete and updated list of the applicable fees, please see the Table of Fees at www.bpicards.com or www.bpi.com.ph. BPI reserves the right to change the fees from time to time.

j. MINIMUM AMOUNT DUE – The Minimum Amount Due (MAD) shall be computed based on the Total Outstanding Balance (TOB) as follows:

i. If the Total Outstanding Balance is less than or equal to P850, MAD is equal to the Total Outstanding Balance
ii. If the Total Outstanding Balance is more than P850, compute for the sum of (a) 3.57% percent of the total amount of the retail purchases, cash advances, fees and charges, (b) installment amortizations, and (c) 100% of past due amount. If the computed amount

a. Is less than P850, the MAD is P850

b. Is more than P850, the MAD is equal to the computed amount

Cardholder is required to pay at least the Minimum Amount Due on or before Payment Due Date. Failure to pay at least the Minimum Amount Due shall result in imposition of finance charges, additional interest, and penalty fees.


9. APPLICATION OF CARD PAYMENT – Any CARD payment shall be applied in the following order:
a. Installment Amortization
b. Late Payment Charges
c. Finance Charges
d. Membership Fee
e. Cash Advance Fee
f. Service Fee
g. Cash Advance unpaid from previous month
h. Retail balance unpaid from previous month
i. Cash Advance billed for the month
j. Retail balance billed for the month, and
k. Such other amount as may be due or payable to BPI.

If Cardholder is issued two or more CARDS and the payment is not sufficient to cover the Total Outstanding Balance due on all the CARDS, the Cardholder authorizes BPI, at its sole discretion and without need of prior notice, to choose which CARD to apply the payment (or overpayment) received in the order mentioned above.


10. CUSTOMER SERVICE – BPI is supervised by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). For any concerns, Cardholder may call BPI Phonebanking at (02) 89-100 for Metro Manila or 1-800-188-89100 for domestic toll-free calls (available to PLDT subscribers), 63+2+89-10000 for mobile phone and international access or BPI’s International Toll-Free Numbers (refer to Contact Us in www.bpi.com.ph for details), e-mail expressonline@bpi.com.ph or visit any BPI branch. BPI will provide timely feedback after it records and investigates such issue, concern, and clarification raised. Cardholder agrees to fully cooperate in any investigation to be conducted in relation to his/her complaint by providing BPI the required information and documents. Should the Cardholder need further assistance, he/she may choose to approach any officer of the branch concerned or send an email to expressonline@bpi.com.ph. He/She may also contact the Financial Consumer Protection Department of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas at (02) 708-7087 or email consumeraffairs@bsp.gov.ph.

Except as otherwise provided under Section 5 (Loss of the Card), the Cardholder must notify BPI immediately for any issue, complaint or billing error. If no SOA error is reported within thirty (30) calendar days from the statement date indicated in the SOA, the SOA shall be considered correct and binding upon the Cardholder and Supplementary.

In the event the Cardholder no longer wants to participate in any product, business or customer offerings of BPI and/or any of its Affiliates, or in any Marketing Initiative, as provided under this Agreement, he/she must inform BPI by calling BPI Phonebanking clearly stating said intention. Should Cardholder wish to renew his/her participation in any such product, business and customer offerings or Marketing Initiative, he/she may call BPI Phonebanking indicating his/her agreement to participate in BPI's and its Affiliates' product, business and customer offerings and Marketing Initiative.

11. DEPOSIT/PLACEMENT ACCOUNT – Unless otherwise agreed, the Cardholder agrees to maintain a current or savings deposit/placement account(s) with BPI or BFSB or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, the “Bank”). Should the Cardholder fail to pay his/her TOB or any amount due and payable under the CARD on the Payment Due Date, the amount thereof shall be debited from his/her deposit/placement account(s), without the necessity of a notice from BPI, or such amount as may be sufficient to be applied as payment of his/her TOB or any amount due, upon presentation of his/her SOA to said Bank by BPI. For this purpose, Cardholder hereby grants BPI full power and authority to debit or cause the Bank to debit, without notice, from Cardholder’s deposit account(s) such amount as may be sufficient to pay his/her TOB or any amount due and payable. BPI and the Bank, their directors, officers, employees, and representatives shall not be held accountable for any liability, charge, cost, and expense arising from any resulting returned/dishonored check drawn against Cardholder’s deposit/placement/account with the Bank or for any penalty and fee that may be imposed as a consequence of the foregoing. Should his/her TOB or any amount due under the CARD exceed the amount debited from Cardholder’s deposit/account with the Bank, such excess shall immediately become due and payable and the Cardholder shall be considered in default of his/her obligations to pay the same.


12. RIGHT OF SET OFF – Effective upon his/her failure to pay his/her obligation arising from the use of the CARD, the Cardholder and/or Supplementary do hereby assign and transfer to BPI, without need of demand, and by these presents have assigned and transferred to BPI, any money, security, property (real or personal) and thing of value which are now or may hereafter be in the possession, custody or control of BPI or any member of the BPI Group of Companies, on deposit or collateral or otherwise to the credit of and belonging to the Cardholder and/or Supplementary (the “Assigned Properties”). For this purpose, the Cardholder and/or Supplementary do hereby consent, authorize, appoint, and irrevocably constitute, and by these presents have appointed and constituted, BPI as its ATTORNEY-IN-FACT with full power and authority (a) to inquire about, or to assert its lien or legal claim on, any of such Assigned Properties, and/or (b) to sell at public or private sale any of such Assigned Properties and to apply the proceeds thereof, in whole or in part, to such obligations. In the absence of such monies, securities, properties (real or personal) or things of value, or if the Cardholder’s TOB exceeds the proceeds of the sale, the Cardholder and/or Supplementary hereby agree to assign and deliver any deposit or fund the Cardholder and/or Supplementary may have with any other banks or financial institutions to the extent of said Cardholder’s and/or Supplementary’s obligations to BPI. For this purpose, the Cardholder and/or Supplementary do hereby consent and authorize said bank or financial institution to disclose to BPI or its duly authorized representative any information relative to any
deposit/placement the Cardholder and/or Supplementary may have with any such banks or financial institutions.

13. SUPPLEMENTARY CARDS – The Cardholder may apply for supplementary CARD(s) (the “Supplementary Card”) which BPI may approve on a case to case basis. The use of the CARD, as well as the Supplementary CARD(s), shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions and secured by the Suretyship undertaking hereto. Any reference in these Terms and Conditions to the CARD issued to Cardholder shall also apply to Supplementary CARD(s) and/or any renewal thereof. Should Supplementary CARD(s) be issued to a Supplementary, the Cardholder shall be responsible for all the TOB, if any, made or incurred through the CARD and the Supplementary CARD(s). In the event, the Supplementary is the Cardholder’s spouse and there is separation of the spouses, legal or otherwise, the Cardholder shall continue to be responsible for all such amounts incurred through the use of the Supplementary CARD(s) unless Cardholder requests in writing that the privileges of such Supplementary be terminated and all the TOB incurred shall have been fully paid and satisfied at the time of said request. In case of death of the Cardholder, the Supplementary shall be jointly and severally liable to settle the TOB incurred.

14. DELINQUENCY – The Cardholder is liable for all charges, fees, and other obligations incurred through the use of the CARD and all Supplementary CARD(s) and in the event of any delinquency, the Cardholder authorizes BPI to report and/or include the names of the Cardholder, as well as the Supplementary, in negative listings of any credit information bureau or institution.

15. SOLIDARY LIABILITY – The Cardholder’s spouse: (i) who is a Supplementary, shall automatically become a surety and shall be jointly and severally liable with the Cardholder for all obligations and charges incurred through the CARD and the Supplementary Card(s) including any renewal thereof; and, (ii) in all other cases, shall be jointly and severally liable for all obligations and charges incurred herein including (but not limited to) all availments, advances, and charges using the CARD and the Supplementary CARD(s) and any renewal thereof.

16. SURETY – Without prejudice to Sections 13 (Supplementary Cards) and 15 (Solidary Liability) and at BPI’s request, the Cardholder agrees to furnish such other or additional surety(ies) acceptable to BPI who shall be jointly and severally liable with the Cardholder and/or the Supplementary to pay BPI all the obligations and charges incurred through the CARD and the Supplementary CARD(s) including any renewal thereof. In the event the surety(ies) furnished by the Cardholder is (are) discharged, if required by BPI, the Cardholder must furnish new surety(ies) acceptable to BPI within thirty (30) calendar days from discharge. Failure to do so shall constitute prima facie evidence of intent to defraud on the part of Cardholder and the Cardholder’s privileges shall be automatically terminated without notice. It is agreed that the surety(ies) can be discharged by BPI only when all TOB have been fully paid.

17. TERMINATION BY BPI – Without limiting the generality of Section 1 (The BPI Express Credit Card/BPI Credit Card), in the event (i) Cardholder fails to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the CARD as determined by BPI, or (ii) Cardholder fails to observe any of the terms or conditions of any document or agreement which the Cardholder executed in connection with any loan and/or credit facility granted, or any product or service extended by, BPI or any member of the BPI Group of Companies, or (iii) the Credit Limit shall be exceeded, or (iv) the Cardholder fails to renew the CARD for any reason or the CARD is not renewed by BPI, or (v) in case of closure by BPI or any member of the BPI Group of Companies, of Cardholder's deposit account/s in accordance with the terms and conditions governing said deposit account/s, or (vi) Cardholder dies or is separated from employment, or (vii) Cardholder becomes bankrupt, insolvent, or undergoes receivership, or his/her property(ies) is/are levied on execution, garnished or attached, or (viii) Cardholder is convicted for a criminal offense with final judgment carrying with it the penalty of civil interdiction,
or (ix) any of the cases covered by Article 1198 of the New Civil Code (however evidenced) occur, or (x) Cardholder is charged with, convicted of or under investigation by competent government authority for violation of Republic Act 8484 otherwise known as the "Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998", or (xi) Cardholder defaults in the performance of any obligation, covenant, or condition under any agreement for borrowed money with any third party by which he/she or any of his/her assets may be bound, the right to use the CARD as well as Supplementary CARD(s) may forthwith be terminated by BPI with or without notice and the aggregate unpaid TOB of the Cardholder and Supplementary for which Cardholder is liable shall immediately become due and demandable, without the necessity of demand, which Cardholder waives. In case of termination by BPI pursuant to this Section, BPI is entitled to exercise the appropriate rights and remedies provided under these Terms and Conditions and shall not in any way be responsible for any liability, claim or demand of whatever kind and nature in connection with or arising from the termination of the CARD.


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